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Family Portrait

RealTimePhotography has a deep focus on stunning family portraiture and all other varieties of family photography. We service family photoshoots throughout the New York area. We cater for a very wide variety of family photography - from candid shoots in natural, outdoor settings, to more traditional indoor portraiture. And from small families of three too large extended family shoots with dozens of people. Our hand-picked family photographers have the experience, equipment and dedication you need to get the most out of your shoot with your loved ones. 


A RTP family portrait is much easier to organize than the alternatives - you can book in less than a minute, and the photographer comes to you and your family (meaning no need to organize for the whole family to travel to a studio). So don't make do with a DIY or cameraphone photo of the family this time - get stunning professional shots worth of the lounge-room wall! RTP makes beautiful family photography affordable. You can book a family shoot for a fixed price knowing exactly what you will get. So let a trusted RTP pro bring their experience and equipment to bear to get your family the photography you're looking for - it only takes a minute to book.


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