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Wedding Cake Decorated

Photography for weddings and all other kinds of parties are a speciality at RealTimePhotography. We've serviced hundreds of party events in the New York area. Whether you're looking for candid photos of party guests interacting, or staged group photos, or a combination of both - a RTP pro photographer will have you covered. RTP has a special set of photographers recruited especially for party shoots, so you know you'll be getting a pro who specializes in exactly what you need.

Experience the RTP difference with your party: get out from behind the camera and be part of the action being captured, all in the hands of an experienced creative. Don't settle for selfies and grainy iPhone photos - a professional photographer's experience and equipment will ensure that you have photographic memories worth hanging onto. What's more, RTP allows you to do this affordably with clear upfront fixed prices. It will probably be the best value thing you buy for the whole party! It only takes a minute to lock in a party shoot booking with an experienced RTP pro of your choice, so give it a try now.


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