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RealTimePhotographers specializes in providing photographers for events, conferences, functions, launch parties and more. We have event photographers in the New York area waiting to take your booking. Whether it is a professional or a personal occasion, we have you covered with amazing event photography - allowing you to focus on making it a success and enjoying yourself. At RTP, we believe in the right photographer for the job at hand, which is why if you're booking for an event, we will strive to match you with a specialist event photographer with the style of photography you're looking for.

So often, great amounts of effort go into organizing wonderful events, only to have the moments inadequately captured by grainy camera phone photos and selfies, or by an inexperienced photographer. With RTP, you'll capture the memories of your function or occasion in a way that does justice to the moment - with the aid of an experienced pro. Through the RTP platform, amazing event photography does not need to add a financial burden to your event - our prices for event photographer bookings are fixed and reasonable. Your RTP event photographer can get involved in the occasion in whatever way you choose - whether you prefer them to sink into the background and take candid photos, or interact with the crowd and organize people into groups for pictures.


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