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Great real estate, property and interior photography is more important than ever. Most real estate sale and rental begins online, and great photographs drive the performance of listings more than any other factor, whether you are an estate agent, a private seller/renter, or an Airbnb host. RTP specializes in providing professional house, apartment and commercial real estate photographers in major cities throughout the United States and Australia. Our packages cater equally well for exterior property shoots, interior shoot, or combinations of the two. We have photographers on our platform who specialize exclusively in real estate photography, and we let you choose the style of property photography you're looking for so we can match you appropriately. Only the top 5% of photographers who apply are accepted onto RTP.

You will find that RTP is much more affordable and convenient than other real estate photography options out there. You can have a shoot locked-in in as little as a minute, knowing at the time you book exactly who your property photographer will be. While DIY real estate or Airbnb photography is possible, it will never come close to the quality of composition that you get with an experienced RTP pro with the right equipment. With RTP, you know exactly what you're getting yourself in for upfront, with our simple fixed pricing for real estate shoots. RTP photographers work tirelessly to get you the outcome that you want for your property photos - you get to just relax in the hands of an experienced pro.


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